Top 10 Slipped Disc stories of 2017

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  • Norman, I don’t know if these stories were pulled out by a program but stories 3 & 4 are from 2014, 2016 respectively. Happy 2018 to you too.

    • Most, arguably all, the items might suggest the list is of top tales for being of decidedly secondary, or tertiary, interest to those whose involvement in classical music follows a more serious vein. These are mostly ‘celeb’ stories, and the celebs not all in the top rank of the stardom now of such importance in the music biz.

  • I’d say the greatest loss in 2016 is the sale of Mahler’s manuscript of his 2nd symphony, in some auction. Never to be seen again. Where on earth did it go??!!??

  • I’m glad that James Levine and other scandals did not make the most read list. Although Mr Holloway suggests that the stories that did would be of “tertiary” interest to those who are seriously interested in classical music, at least they are not negative or scurrilous (did I spell that correctly?) Maybe classical music lovers are less attracted to that which is base than the average person.

    • I would guess that the Levine stories did not appear on the list is because they were posted in December (very late in the year). I am willing to bet that they will be placed close to the top on the next year’s list.

    • You did indeed spell scurrilous correctly. ‘Tertiary’ means of the third level. Sorry for the tricky vocabulary.

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