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  • Refarding the new format as read on an iPhone:

    1. Typefaces are easier to read
    2.. Content & Comments appear in a long, narrow column (2-4 wirds wide), making reading on an iphone difficult, and resulting in seemingly endless scrolling


  • I dont see where you can choose whether or not you want to receive emails about further comments on a post you have commented on. Sometimes I like to read what others have said, and other times I make my comment but am not interested in follow up comments.

    • When you write anything you have to accept there is always someone who will come back either to or at you so what have you got to hide?

  • The choice font and spacing in the redesign produces comments that in many instances, especially in comments on comments, consist of many lines containing only one or two words when displayed on a cellphone, both Android and iOS. With such a layout the use of paragraphs or line spacing in a comment becomes fruitless. All this makes the comments extremely hard to read and is intolerable.

  • I usually access the site via the RSS feed via Feedly. For the last six days or so – probably since the redesign – this hasn’t worked. It would be great for me (and others) if the RSS feed could be reinstated.

  • Im not happy that I now get no notification of other comments. I made a comment on one of Anthea Kreston’s diary postings and she responded … Ive only just seen her response because I went back and pulled up that diary posting. Are you going to restore that function where we get emails about later comments after the ones we make?

  • hopefully you will see this – there are several comments on your ABOUT page regarding the lack of a RSS Feed in this new format. many of us read via feedly or other news readers… a working RSS Feed is usually default for any blog. please check with your web designer to see that they restore it. unless you want to lose those of us who use rss feeds.

  • Norman,

    I find the new site less user friendly.
    I am frequently asked to select continuing to the site for many entries.
    I have had “virus like” interruptions on two occasions with messages saying that windows 10 is outdated and will close down in x seconds.(unique to this site).
    I suspect that you are getting less traffic and definitely fewer comments and interest. Certainly, I am being put off visiting.

    I am giving this feedback with the best of intentions and I hope it is helpful.

    Regards, Derek

  • wonder if anyone is reading this page… many comments about the RSS feed not enabled and other things… its annoying and driving readers away.

  • Why do I no longer receive email posts from Slipped Disc? How can I re-subscribe? I see nothing about this on the website.

  • Seeing no place to register, this is a test on whether an unregistered visitor can comment.

  • Yes, great idea, Curtis should install cameras to catch the perpetrators! Either increase tuition fees or use funding from the student scholarship funds, lets see who complains about collective punishment then! Vandalism is collective punishment as school facilities are provided for all. Let us get this straight, those responsible for vandalizing the facilities are the ones dealing out punishment, not the school authorities trying to protect their property and reacting to the property damage.

  • Chung has cancelled his Philadelphia appearance next week for a rather unusual stated reason. Here is the message from the Orchestra:

    ” Myung-Whun Chung Cancellation Announcement

    Music Director Yannick Nézet-Séguin and Assistant Conductor Kensho Watanabe have graciously agreed to lead The Philadelphia Orchestra’s April 25-27 concerts. Yannick will conduct April 25 and 27, and Kensho will conduct April 26. They replace Maestro Chung who was unable to obtain his visa due to rehearsal and concert schedule conflicts in Europe.

    The program, which remains unchanged, includes Weber’s Overture to Der Freischütz, Schumann’s Piano Concerto with Jonathan Biss, and Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3 (“Eroica”). “

  • Placido Domingo has sadly (partially) cancelled his Semperoper debut in Dresden tonight, having withdrawn at the intermission of Nabucco due to the flu.
    Wishing him a speedy recovery (?)
    Markus Marquardt sang from side stage while I do not recall who has played the role on stage… pretty big impression for the German audiences here in Saxony, not sure if a good one.

  • The “the site is scrolled down top menu” is still missing the logo.


    1. Scroll down
    2. Look at the menu bar
    3. See that the logo missing

  • Hi Norman,
    any chance a Username can only be used by one person? There’s another “George” commenting since a few weeks, and it feels strange to have another person with the same username but completely different views.
    Thanks a lot!

  • Mr. Lebrecht

    How about something about the passing of George Steiner? Yes, primarily a literary man, but a great lover of our music, and always included great music as part of the Western tradition. He also had some of the most perceptive remarks about Wagner (I know not your favorite)-I’ll never forget his comment about Tristan, etc.


  • Reinbert de Leeuw died yesterday, gotten already the announcement on the NOS news site, later on followed by not one but two obituaries.
    On Slipped Disc nothing, zero, zilch.

  • Such a bullshit article about Yuja Wang wearing sunglasses at the concert and not connecting to the audience. I don’t know if you know that back story or not, but she is a human being. Performing a tour and keep the music fresh and sensational is already a very hard job to do, you have no right to criticize unless you have done it yourself. She is a human being, being detained at an airport shaken her up to the core. She is trying to be professional and not canceling the concert in the last minute. You are such a shame!

  • I have been receiving Slipped Disc every day for a long while. But I have not received Slipped Disc for the last 10 days. I now realize that I think this coincides with the introduction of the new format. Can you please add my contact details to your mailing list.

    Thank you.

  • How can you possibly say the Mahler cycle was announced today? Gramaphone reported it October 2019. The tickets went on sale October last year (I purchased on the 20/10/19) and it is practically sold out. Hardly the latest news on 6 months later

  • Hi, Unfortunately I can’t find anywhere an option to sign up for newsletters. Based on the comments above it is possible to receive newsletters/ alerts about new posts. Would really appreciate if you can add me to the list. Many thanks!

  • Hi Norman – I am the managing director of the Zamir Chorale of Boston and was delighted to see that you used our video of Bei Mir Bistu Shein on Slipped Disc (one of our board members is on your list). Had someone sent it to you? Hope you don’t mind, but I added you to Zamir’s email list.

  • This is my comment in reponse to Lebrecht’s inane Charlie Parker post, and has been labeled spam. Why?
    Defined “Jazz Sax”? What does that mean? Is the name Coleman Hawkins familiar to you? Just as in European Classical music, there are different periods in the history of the music. Parker was an innovator on his instrument, the alto saxophone, and completely changed the direction of the music, along with Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonious Monk. Parker also influenced musicians on every instrument, as Louis Armstrong did on the twenties. Norman, your commentary is becoming more lame and generic as time goes by.

  • I don’t really know where else to put this comment but I am a little bit shocked at the state of the article about the woman who took over Fort Worth Opera. There are some really virulently racist posts and somebody is allowing them. Normally, heavy moderation is meant to prevent this, not promote it.

    Also I have left a handful of (non hot-button) comments on a few articles over the last 15 minutes and I’m starting to get notified that they’re being marked as spam. What am I doing wrong? This is not a great first(ish) impression of this blog

    • Please check out the racist comments being left re the immensely talented young conductor Jonathon Heyward after a nasty post by Mr LeBrecht! Absolutely disgusting racist comments that are patently untrue by people who have not even bothered to check out this young mans amazing talent and electric performances!
      Mr LeBrecht is inviting racism and makes no attempt to remove the comments!
      Leads me to believe he is a closet racist himself! Cowardly little man!

      • May I ask from where you glean this? Over the years, I have read much of N.L’ s stimulating work and not a scintilla of what you suggest is found, least not by me. He will have experienced prejudice and horrible collective memories of anti semitism, and what it
        has caused and still causes; he is not an hypocrite to find easy prejudice towards other people . Please consider that, since, more and more, this wonderful place is become a political arena, N.L., who loves music, has an often thankless task. One is damned if one does and damned if one don’t. Please be safe and well.

  • So disappointed with the programming on Classic FM. Not only has the station managed not to renew the contract of Rob Cowan but David Mellor’s broadcast has been reduced to an hour on a Saturday evening. Both of these presenters delivered interesting and entertaining programmes that were a pleasure to listen to; and might I say so informative. Classic FM has reduced its output to the same pieces of music that lack imagination and new ideas, so different to the early days of the station when programmes about music, composers, conductors and performers were part of the output. An excellent example, was the programme broadcast on Carlos Kleiber in the first weeks when the station came to-air.
    I am personally tired of the same format, especially Smooth Classics. It is just not interesting. Disappointing – should and could do better. Classical music is not all about ratings Global Radio.

  • >