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  • Cape Cod says:

    Refarding the new format as read on an iPhone:

    1. Typefaces are easier to read
    2.. Content & Comments appear in a long, narrow column (2-4 wirds wide), making reading on an iphone difficult, and resulting in seemingly endless scrolling


  • Marg says:

    I dont see where you can choose whether or not you want to receive emails about further comments on a post you have commented on. Sometimes I like to read what others have said, and other times I make my comment but am not interested in follow up comments.

  • Sixtus says:

    The choice font and spacing in the redesign produces comments that in many instances, especially in comments on comments, consist of many lines containing only one or two words when displayed on a cellphone, both Android and iOS. With such a layout the use of paragraphs or line spacing in a comment becomes fruitless. All this makes the comments extremely hard to read and is intolerable.

  • BillG says:

    I do miss the scrolling banner at the bottom with links to other articles in other venues.

  • I usually access the site via the RSS feed via Feedly. For the last six days or so – probably since the redesign – this hasn’t worked. It would be great for me (and others) if the RSS feed could be reinstated.

  • Marg says:

    Im not happy that I now get no notification of other comments. I made a comment on one of Anthea Kreston’s diary postings and she responded … Ive only just seen her response because I went back and pulled up that diary posting. Are you going to restore that function where we get emails about later comments after the ones we make?

  • lyricanon says:

    hopefully you will see this – there are several comments on your ABOUT page regarding the lack of a RSS Feed in this new format. many of us read via feedly or other news readers… a working RSS Feed is usually default for any blog. please check with your web designer to see that they restore it. unless you want to lose those of us who use rss feeds.

  • Katherine says:

    How are we to subscribe?

  • Derek says:


    I find the new site less user friendly.
    I am frequently asked to select continuing to the site for many entries.
    I have had “virus like” interruptions on two occasions with messages saying that windows 10 is outdated and will close down in x seconds.(unique to this site).
    I suspect that you are getting less traffic and definitely fewer comments and interest. Certainly, I am being put off visiting.

    I am giving this feedback with the best of intentions and I hope it is helpful.

    Regards, Derek

  • Mark says:

    I no longer get the email alerts, would i be possible to reinstate this please?

  • Teddy says:

    Hi! Yes, we please need the RRS feed again to be able to follow! Thanks!

  • Ian says:

    Big shame the RSS feed no longer works – means I no longer get to see the site on a regular basis.

  • southern gal says:

    wonder if anyone is reading this page… many comments about the RSS feed not enabled and other things… its annoying and driving readers away.

  • Sarah says:

    Why do I no longer receive email posts from Slipped Disc? How can I re-subscribe? I see nothing about this on the website.

  • sarah says:

    how can i re-subscribe to the email list?

  • Michael Corden says:

    Seeing no place to register, this is a test on whether an unregistered visitor can comment.

  • >