Happy news: Kissin gets wed

The pianist Evgeny Kissin, 45, married Karina Arzumanova yesterday morning in Prague, where the bride lives.

The couple have known each other since they were children.

We wish them every happiness.


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    • What a blessed occasion for both of them. Evgeny is a special human being and a brilliant pianist and his new wife must be wonderful as well

    • Evgeny kissin is a remarkable musician , has played for the whole world, he has given his soul to the music now is his time to reap the awards may god bless them both with love,prosperity and many many children.

  • Happy news and beautiful story! Might this mean the possibility of kleine Kissins?

    I also loke the suitable emphasis on Karina’s “threee” sons!

  • So happy with this news…..you have brought unbelievable joy to this world…..may you bring unbelievable jot to each other….words are inadequate….j

  • As one of his most committed fans, this was great news for me to hear and I hope that they will be very, very, happy. He has given me so much pleasure I would wish his marriage to generate the same for both of them .

  • Velikij, o kakoj on velikij! Talantlivyj, po-detski prostoj, Evgenij – ty nash Bog mnogolikij, my kak odin idem za toboj!

  • Felicidades para el mejor pianista de todos los tiempos , que romantico son una pareja que se conoce desde siempre y ojala su felicidad perdure durante toda su vida

  • Exciting news! Just hope the new wife is still fertile [her age wasn’t mentioned?] so that the wonderful pianistic genes of Kissin will not possibly be LOST to the piano (and music!) world.

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