First Covid weekly death toll of 2021

First Covid weekly death toll of 2021


norman lebrecht

January 08, 2021

(For Covid losses in 2020, see here)

155 South African icon Kori Moraba, 73

156 Spanish pianist Fernando Puchol, 79

157 Guy Bedford Webb, US choral director, 89

158 Lebanese songwriter Elias Rahbani, 83

159 Raul Jaurena, bandoneon maestro, 79

160 Tasso Adamopoulos, violist (pictured), 76

161 Jazzman Dick Howard, 83

162 NY bluesman Mark Gibson, 69

163 Macedonian violinist Zoran Dzorlev, 53

164 Ukrainian opera singer Oleksandra Tarasova, 48



  • Peter says:

    Where are the lists of musicians who died of cancer, stroke, heart disease, flu… are they not worth mentioning?

  • violin accordion says:

    Of or with ? (Or other incomprehensible cause)

  • Hayne says:

    Here is a website from America’s Frontline Doctors with all kinds of information and studies on covid19, drugs to treat it, vaccine, mask info, etc. It is an excellent site for those who want see information not censored. If you feel you might be coming down with something and you are told to self isolate, check out the site.
    If you live in the US, you can call and talk to a doctor knowledgeable on the subject. You can have sent to you hydroxychloroquine no matter where you live.
    I am showing you information. You are adults. Make up your own minds. Your body, your choice.

    • William Safford says:

      “Thousands of readers inquired about people featured in a viral video pulled by social media companies for pushing COVID-19 misinformation in July 2020.”

      Stop repeating false and debunked information!!!