A major festival decides to go open-air this summer

The Schleswig-Holstein festival in northwest Germany is taking no unnecessary Covid risks in the summer of 2021.

Two thirds of the concerts have been planned as open-air events.

The festival runs from July 3 to August 29.


Hint to Bayreuth? Salzburg? Lucerne? The Proms?

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  • In the last couple of months, it has become abundantly clear that COVID-19, in common with most coronaviruses, is far more prolific in the winter months than in the summer months. That being the case, it seems that indoor performances during the summer months would be relatively safe.

  • Last month officials from three EU countries suggested in press conferences that restrictions would continue until very late 2021, because even in the best-case scenario not enough people will be vaccinated by then. I feel like the public is slowly being prepared for the fact that this summer won’t be as open as last year’s for travel and events, because last summer is being blamed for leading to the second wave. Consequently, I personally don’t expect any of these big classical festivals (or all kinds of other international events) to happen until 2022, outdoor or not.

    • People don’t need to be vaccinated. 99% of the public has had only mild or no symptomatic reaction. Only those with poor immune responses have gotten sick. Everyone can boost their immune response with proper Vitamin D3 levels on the order of 5000 IU per day.

      30min in the Sun and you’re good for the day. Eat some fish, have a glass of milk.

      YOU are in control of your immune strength. Don’t fear a germ that cant harm you on of own.

    • Bernstein!? With his ceaseless smoking, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and Mesothelioma he would have either tried his best to put up with it, or he would have been dead before there was much to put up with.

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