Label news: DG signs third young cellist in six months

First, they went French with Camille Thomas.

Then Austrian-Iranian with Kian Soltan.

Now we hear the yellow label has signed the Dutch cellist Harriet Krijgh.

That’s three in six months.

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  • Why do these artists even bother with the so-called ‘major labels”? Unless they are exceptionally photogenic or can somehow be the subject of extensive publicity campaigns in the manner of Lang Lang, they will make one or two recordings and then be quietly dropped when the suits decide that the recordings aren’t selling enough (and why should the recordings “sell enough” when the only thing that the majors will record, in most cases, will be re-re-re-re-recordings of standard repertoire for the zillionth time). Krijgh would be better sticking with Capriccio.

  • Does anyone know how well such young artists’ records sell these days (I am curious about the numbers …)

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