Just in: Vienna Philharmonic picks two more women

At today’s audition for second violins, both vacancies were filled.

Out of 21 candidates, Julia Gyenge and Liya Yakupova were selected.

Julia, a Hungarian, plays in the State Opera Orchestra.

Liya, a Russian, plays first violin with WDR in Cologne.


The first audition was held behind a screen, the next two rounds in front of the whole orchestra.

Over the past two years, most vacancies in the Vienna Phil have been filled by women. There is a three-year probation period for confirmed membership.


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  • congratulations!

    again, confusion regarding the Bühnenorchester:
    Julia has been member of the stage (!) orchestra of the state opera until now.

  • It would be interesting to compare the rate at which the Vienna Phil is hiring women compared to the Berlin Phil…

    • I think the important thing is that women are given a fair chance to win an audition at both orchestras, and that they are made welcome should they win the audition.

      • Yes, that is important. And it would hopefully be reflected by the ratio of women in the orchestra.

  • It is not important whether it is women or men in the orchestra: but that women are given the CHANCE to show they are as good (or better) than some men….then it is natural they should be there!

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