Vienna police take selfie with tenor

Vienna police take selfie with tenor


norman lebrecht

June 27, 2022

The Vienna Opera tenor was stopped by police yesterday on his Vespa in the 8th district.

When the cops found out he was an opera singer, they queued up for selfies and put him on their Facebook page.

Only in Vienna.


  • Roberto Isotton says:

    Tecnically, it isn’t a selfie…

  • Viennese someone says:

    It is Angelo Pollak, the hero who saved a life in Salzburg a few weeks ago by the way:

  • Gustavo says:

    The picture throws up many questions.

  • Em says:

    What about law? Supposing something was wrong there, otherwise why they stopped him

    • SVM says:

      I have no idea of the /modus operandi/ of the Viennese police, but being stopped by the police does not of itself prove wrongdoing. For instance, it could have been a random traffic stop, or a case of mistaken identity (e.g.: if the motorbike’s registration plate had been very similar to the registration plate of a vehicle with a ‘red flag’). Or maybe, the area is a hotbed of drive-by theft by motorcyclists wearing dark clothes and sunglasses, resulting in the police stopping *all* motorcyclists matching that (very broad) description?

  • John Kelly says:

    Next time I get stopped by the NYPD I’m going to tell them I’m a tenor. That should help…….

  • IP says:

    The case of Ljuba Welitsch and the street cop was far more dramatic.

    • The View from America says:

      Tell us more!

      • S&E says:

        from NYTimes
        In 1956, when she was 43, Miss Welitsch caused a stir in Vienna when she married Karl Schmalvogel, a 29-year-old traffic policeman who had assisted her after an accident a year earlier. They were divorced in 1969.