The least worst classical PRs

The least worst classical PRs


norman lebrecht

October 11, 2021

As you may imagine, gets bombarded 24/7 by emails we don’t need to read, most of them craving promotional attention for non-newsworthy events. Most such pitches go straight into spam.

A handful of PRs contact us only when they have something exclusive or useful to share, or some very serious damage to contain. We always open their emails and take their calls. Here’s our current international top 10 of independent classical PRs:

1 Simon Millward – Premier, London

2 Claudia Kapsamer – KapsamerPR, Vienna

3 Andrew Ousley – Unison Media, New York

4 Gabriele Schiller – PR2, Cologne

5 Lawrence Perelman – Semantix, New York

6 Lucy Maxwell-Stewart – RedHouse Productions, Sweden

7 Patricia Price – 8VA New York

8 Louise Barder – 21C, New York

9 Yossi Schffman – Tel Aviv

10 Ginny Macbeth – Macbeth Media, London



  • Chicagorat says:

    It looks like the CSO should read this post very carefully.

  • Wurm says:

    “least worst” – talk about damning with faint praise!

    • John Borstlap says:

      In my experience, faint praise is better than full praise in combination with being corrected all the time.


    • V. Lind says:

      And even fainter grammar!

      I always preferred getting my “PR” from in-house personnel. Don’t know about now, but when I was a working journalist the best communications and public relations officers were always attached to ballet companies.

  • Andrew Ousley says:

    “First, I’d like to thank the Academy…”

  • anon says:

    So, in other words, if you want guaranteed positive coverage in Slipped Disc, hire one of the top 10 listed in the article?


    Gosh! my list would be so different …

  • D says:

    The best is the doyenne of New York classical music publicists, Mary Lou Falcone, whose grace and class are unparalleled in the business.

  • Mary Look says:

    Worrying this list but somehow entertaining- fun how most are over 60 on that list and associated with gossip and being trashy. Clearly have an issue with the dreaded new generation