American, 25, wins $50k at Joachim Competition

American, 25, wins $50k at Joachim Competition


norman lebrecht

October 11, 2021

The Hannover-based contest, which has been cleaned up of past corruptions, was won last night by an American violinist, Maria Ioudenitch.

In addition to the first prize of 30,000 Euros, she came away with the 10k laureate grant, 5k new-work prize, 3k chamber music award and 2k Urtext prize – almost a clean sweep.

Russian born, Maria moved with her family to Kansas City at three years old. She has studied with Pamela Frank and Shmuel Ashkenasi at the Curtis Institute and is taking a master’s degree at the New England Conservatory with Miriam Fried.

The competition jury was composed of Carolin Widmann, Ana Chumachenco, Suyoen Kim, Christine Schäfer, Zohrab Tadevosyan, Ulf Wallin, Donald Weilerstein, Robert Levin, Eleonore Büning and Andrew Manze.



  • David says:

    She has also studied with professor Ben Sayevich for 10 years. Please include this in your article.

    • Amir Shiff says:

      Yes David! you are so right to mention this. Prof. Sayevich did great work with her!

      • Ben Sayevich is one of the outstanding violin teachers of our times. He is also a fantastic violinist, rather unsung considering the level at which he plays. His teaching is by now legendary among some elite circles. David Radzynski, the concert master of ISO is one of his star students. Maria was taught by Ben for ten years. Laurel Gagnon the semifinalist at Singapore violin competition was also his student, among several others.

    • alema says:

      Yes, the beginner- and intermediate teachers are actually the most important ones! But it is often an “thankless” job, only the recent (prominent) teachers get mentioned when a student is successful.

  • Berlin says:

    She should’ve also won the audience prize. Perhaps she didn’t beg her social media friends to vote for her like the other candidate did, who did not sound very good and brought schumann concerto to a competition.

    • Violinist says:

      What a useless comment. If you’re referring to Chiara, she definitely deserved the prize and played a beautiful Schumann concerto. The fact you’re from Berlin means nothing.

    • Integrity says:

      The violinist who won the audience prize actually was the only laureate with no official social media pages…

  • Albert says:

    I think she is the daughter of Van Cliburn International Piano Competition winner, Stanislav Ioudenitch

  • Nick says:

    Of course, only teachers with big names matter for these young “stars”. They are still too young and immature to understand what real TEACHING means.