Covid toll of musician deaths is slightly lower

Covid toll of musician deaths is slightly lower


norman lebrecht

March 07, 2021

This week’s fatalities:

225 Punjabi singer Sardool Sikander, 60

226 Met Opera chorus singer Antoine Hodge, 38

227 Gospellettes bassist Victoria Dillard, 64

228 Concertmaster Yuval Waldman, 74


229 Brazil flute professor Josimara Alves de Souza

230 Italian musician Danilo Rustici, 72

231 Early musician José Vasquez, 69

232 South Africa broadcasting chief Peter Matlare

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  • Sharon says:

    And these are just deaths that are CONFIRMED from Covid. Especially in the beginning of the pandemic we were unsure of everyone who had it. I was already reading in April that some scientists were beginning to think that people were most contagious BEFORE they were showing symptoms. However, at least in New York State, until late July or early August asymptomatic people who were not health care personnel were not even allowed to take the Covid test!

    Then there are those where Covid aggravated other problems or took health resources away from people who were seriously ill due to other causes, for example, people who were discouraged from going to the hospital or could not be cared for. I suspect that the true number of Covid victims in the classical music world, like the rest of the world, is AT LEAST 25% higher than the official figures.