Covid death toll still high among musicians

Covid death toll still high among musicians


norman lebrecht

February 21, 2021

A year after the first Covid-19 death in Italy, the death toll is still high among musicians.

Here are the losses of the past seven days:

212 Texas music teacher Alfredo Valles, 60

213 Canadian singer Raymond Levesque, 92

214 California music teacher Wallace Umber, 96

215 Norwich choir singer Kyanna Sutton, 28

216 Mialnese singer-songwriter Andrea Lo Vecchio, 79

217 Serbian singer Djordje Balasevic, 67

218 Mormon Tabernacle choir chief Jerold Ottley, 86

219 Anita Terzian Titus, US mezzo


220 Cincinnati radio personality Pat Barry

221 Charlotte Church’s father, Stephen Reed, 56

222 Bangladesh Catholic Bangladesh composer Joseph Kamal Rodrigues, 68

223 Alabama music teacher and chirch organist Leslye Ames, 49

224 Welsh Eistedfodd singer Huw Gethin Jones, 34

Previous week’s losses here.


  • Nijinsky says:

    You know this is all still Wall Street games, as well. Also why it wasn’t deal with in any kind of coherent way. After the food debacle 2008 where Red Spring Wheat went Contango, meaning that the price was above the future, causing such a tangle of hype, that it infected other futures (commodities market) and when that bubble burst they made up lies and more lies about natural disasters that never happened, to excuse them maintaining the price above where it would expose such behavior.

    AFTER THAT, for years it has been life insurance that’s creating a bubble, that they started buying up life insurance of living people to use as capital.

    “Strange” isn’t it that so many people are dying and it was completely preventable, beyond that the deaths are covering up other unhealthy practices getting everyone obsessed with something the immune system can make mass immunity to does it not kill everyone first. Although sugar, artificial everything (fertilizers, pesticides, sweeteners, Internet sex, “security” firms, medical interventions) will keep on killing more people, and that’s pushed to the side.

    • Elizabeth Owen says:

      If you are going to contribute to this site do try and write in English so that if anyone is interested in your wittering, they will at least be able to understand what you are on about.

    • Sharon says:

      I have no doubt that there are sectors, especially some in Wall Street causing “bubbles” or in medical stocks who are profiting because of Covid.

      However, to say that the Covid news is made up to help certain business interests or to distract people from paying attention to other types of unhealthy behavior that are profitable for business is the worst type of conspiracy theory. Many of those who believed that Covid was nothing more than media hype and thus did not wear masks or social distance, are now dead.

      Covid is caused by a very real coronavirus, these are very real deaths, not made up media hype, and unlike diseases caused by optional unhealthy behaviors like overeating or smoking, people can get Covid just by breathing air, which we all have to do.

  • Travis says:

    Is this restricted to the pandemic illness fatalities or does it include all of the suicides?

    Thanks Norm

  • Sharon says:

    And this list only includes those who actually had Covid listed on the death certificate.

    Apart from the tragic suicides how many have died of medical causes that are “Covid related”? What I mean is those who had other health problems but could not get proper treatment because resources, for ex medical staff and hospital beds, were tied up because of Covid or because they were afraid to go to a hospital or seek medical care, or could not travel to a city where care was available because of Covid or could not afford medical care for something else because they were unemployed because of Covid.

    Then there are those who died of Covid but who, especially in the beginning of the crisis, had not been tested.

    In the future economists and demographers may be able to estimate some of this but already we know that the impact goes far far beyond those who were “certified” as having the virus itself.

  • Some of these deaths have been misreported as virus deaths.

  • locask says:

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