Trouble with Domingo’s Vienna Nabucco

We hear from Vienna that the octogenarian’s birthday Nabucco, scheduled to start at 16:30 CET, has been pushed back at the last minute to  20:30 CET.

No reason given.


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  • It is not about Domingo. The performances is going well. It is about technical issue with streaming platform.

    • I saw this recording last friday through the Vienna Opera web site and Mr. Domingo’s performance was not good at all. It was evident he had doubts with his lines, specially in the opera’s last act. So I think the problem was in fact with him.

  • When the performance became available at 8:30 CET, the final curtain calls were already available at the end of the 2:51 stream slider.

    The trouble with it is that it has been merely pushed back instead of cancelled altogether.

  • Yup, that was odd. First to 20:00, then to 20:30 and without saying “hello, this has been moved”. And with that little staging could have done concertante instead. Beautiful music in this opera, for example the act 1 trio.

  • Well done Vienna for sreaming this performance at this challenging time – courageous and uplifting. Not the last word in staging or singing perhaps but much to admire, and Placido’s performance on its own terms was still remarkable for anyone on their 80th birthday. Anna Pirozzi was fearless too!

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