The Slipped Disc daily comfort zone (293): Richter ist der Dichter

I never knew this existed. Now I can’t live without it.


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  • He played Beethoven well, but selectively. There were five Beethoven sontas on his recital program in San Francisco in Masonic Auditorium on Nob Hill, including No. 3, No. 12 with the funeral mach, and No. 23, the “Appassionata” The first sonata here is another four-movement work like Nos. 3 and 12, getting off with a Mannheim rocket. Like them, it’s not heard too often. I also like his first and third concertos.

  • As Gilels said when being lavished with praise for his playing: ‘Wait until you have heard Richter’.
    Thank you Norman.

  • Norman. Do you when he started using an anglepoise lamp? The twice I saw him which was closer to the end of his career he was a dim light with just the lamp – weird?

    • I have this performance on a Japanese DVD released in 2005 : ‘In concerts of Sviatoslav Richter’. Label is ‘DreamTime’, JPBC-14828

  • Oooh very nice. Thanks ! And he doesn’t thrash the last movement of this F minor sonata to death (as sometimes done by people).

    • is there some irony in Jan Kaznowski’s last sentence ? I’ve never heard the start of the last movement played as such a mad scramble. Does it surprise me from this hopelessly over-rated pianist ? Sadly not

  • Thank you so much for posting this! I heartily agree. It’s
    filmed really well — for both the man and the music. And it is good to see the hall.

  • This was one of the performances on a beautiful Japanese produced laser disc box I purchased some 30 years ago. I believe most of the materials in that box are available on Parnassus DVDs.

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