Domingo’s 80th will stream from Vienna Opera

On January 22, the Vienna State Opera will stream a filmed performance of Verdi’s Nabucco with the octogenarian Plácido Domingo.

The performance will also air nationally in Austria on ORF3 television.


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  • One gets the sense that Europe’s leading opera companies have all decided to collectively troll their audiences with these pro-Domingo stances.

        • Please don’t believe false statements of corrupted media.

          Domingo doesn’t harass women.

          Metoo women have not provided any evidence of their words. Just non proof statements of 3 failed artists.

          These women don’t go to police or court as their statements are false and defamation is a crime.

          There is innocent presumption. Domingo is innocent as there is no any evidence of his guilty.

          If these women accuse Domingo they should prove, it. Otherwise it would be posible to accuse anyone in any crime without any proof.

        • Any evidence Domingo has harassed women? A court decision? The police report? Audio or video recordings, pictures?
          Just sexual fantasies of 3 metoo women?

    • Hope you may enjoy pro-metoo singers who accused Domingo – Patricia Wulf and Angela Turner-Wilson. You may need a doctor after listening their singing. They sound like they have double Big Mac in their mouth.

    • And yet, somehow, these audiences keep coming to hear Domingo. But what do Viennese audiences know about opera?

    • Glad the Met threw his ass out!

      We BELIEVE our victims first in the great USA.



      “Confront violence against women. One in five women in America is sexually assaulted while in college. Twenty-two percent of women experience severe physical violence by an intimate partner at some point in their lifetime. American women are 11 times more likely to be murdered with guns than women in other high-income countries. It’s time to address violence against women—and Hillary will put forward bold plans to do that.”

      • No evidences of metoo words? Just non proof accusations against Domingo again? Lady, defamation is a crime.

        Met managers are idiots as they rejected all donations of Domingo fans. They could help their musicians at this difficult time. Unfortunately, Met prefers metoo, who doesn’t make donation..

      • Your President-elect as a women harasser. Many women accused him. Is a women harasser ok for you as a President? What does Hillary thinks about that?

        • Hillary was too weak to stand up to Bill. That’s also why she lost in both 2008 and 2016. Russia was used to deflect her and the DNC’s incompetence.

          Just as history has shown, the DNC always settles on a man in the end if they are serious about winning. Note Joe, the senile white man….

  • I was successful to get my ticket to the Nabucco with Domingo an Jan, 19, but unfortunately it was canceled due to coved. The stream is better than nothing though..
    In bocca al lupo, Maestro Domingo!

    • Consider yourself lucky. Domingo’s legacy as a once superlative artist is being irrevocably tarnished with each ill-advised and self-indulgent appearance. His harrumphing, barking, vibrato-strangled Nabucco makes Leo Nucci’s recent performances in the role sound like Bruson in his prime. Basta Plácido, basta.

  • I was fortunate to see Domingo in LA Opera’s Nabucco in 2017. What a great show! America’s loss is Europe’s and Russia’s gain.

  • Weel, at least the stream isn’t “canceled”. Except in the “woke”US…? One -hopefully working- opportunity for US based folks who’d like to partake is to download the browser Epic, then set VPN to Germany. I got to watch and hear La Fenice’s Concerto di Capodanno that way. As for the US, it has enough domestic problems to deal with anyway….

  • Mazel Tov, Maestro!
    Yom Huleded Sameach! (Happy Birthday!). Ad Meah v’Esrim! (Until 120 years old like Moses!)
    To you and Mrs. Marta a
    “Happy New Year 2021!”

  • “the octogenarian”? Nice to see age discrimination is alive and well in your column. At 72, I think it’s time for you to pack it in.

    • Since when is stating an incontrovertible fact, ie. a person’s documented age, ‘discrimination’?
      Some may see 80 as proof of a performer’s remarkable longevity. Others may prefer to check the use-by date.

      • Is that OK if US has 79 year old Biden as the President?
        Is it also OK to have 80 yeasr old Nancy Pelosi as a speaker?
        80 is too old just for performing? For politics itis quite young age, right?

        • Dementia and mental illness (or alcoholism) aren’t stopping either of them!!

          Their foundation of White privilege has done wonders for them both as you can attest.

  • It is not a “filmed performance” – it will take place LIVE at Staatsoper on 22. January but with no audience (Staatsoper has done this recently with “Das verratene Meer,” “Der Rosenkavalier,” “Werther”, and “Die Fledermaus”).

    The live performance – starting at 16:30 CET – will be streamed on Staatsoper’s website, and recorded for broadcast on 24. January on ORF III starting at 20:15 CET.

  • You got it wrong, Mr. Lebrecht – On January 22 the live performance of Nabucco will be streamed with the video shown on ORF III on January 24.

  • You gave the opera world 4 plus decades of wonderful wonderful performances .I don’t know when it will be equaled . We miss you still.

  • I cant wait to watch this streaming, I m sure he will be great.So soory, it could be done live.Happy Birthday, Maestro

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