Mendelssohn gets a Barenboim connection

The Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Foundation in Leipzig has named Elena Bashkirova as its new president.

An outstanding pianist, Bashkirova is artistic director of the Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival, wjich she founded in 1998. She is married to Daniel Barenboim and has two musician sons of that name.

The foundation also has a new managing director Patrick Schmeing, formerly of the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn.


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  • Does Bashkirova not exist outside of her connection to Barenboim? Why do the news of her appointment need to be framed through her husband?

    • It’s not a “connection.” She’s Mrs. Barenboim. And who are you, the thought police? I’m glad Norman reported this, and my thoughts went straight to that wonderful Lieder ohne Worte cycle, which I will now dig out.

      • She got appointed for being Ms Bashkirova, not for being Mrs Barenboim (and, as a matter of fact, she is not Mrs Barenboim – she kept her name).

        • She change her husbands so often-better to keep maiden name. Make her busy with appointments. Maybe it will take this mediocre pianist out of prestigious halls.

  • A good choice. An excellent pianist herself, she is daughter of the great Russian pianist and teacher Dmitri Bashkirov, and has run her own festival for many years.

  • Dear Norman,
    Why is Daniel mentioned?
    Elena has her own career and achievements, and as you know I know it personally.
    She did herself so many wonderful things in the music world, so she deserves a personal credit.
    Thank you.

  • What is the problem with you guys? This is a classical music site devoted to personal information about musicians and people in the industry; gossip if you will.

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