Moscow puts on a Domingo gala

The Bolshoi has announced a concert celebration of the life of Placido Domingo this weekend under the title Plácido Domingo: Life in Opera.

It will feature Anna Netrebko, Pretty Yende, Piotr Beczala, Yusif Eyvazov, Ildar Abdrazakov and Michael Volle, among others. The Bolshoi Theatre orchestra will be conducted by its music director Tugan Sokhiev.

By his friends shall ye know him.

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  • “a concert celebration … this weekend … Plácido Domingo… Anna Netrebko… Yusif Eyvazov”

    Ohhhh, you mean a Covid reunion.

    Best of luck. And I mean that.

  • Pretty Yende won Operalia early on. Is it possible she feels some gratitude to Domingo for what was probably great encouragement as she was making her way?

    I never heard anything bad about Piotr Beczała.

    Is it possible people are just glad of the work? Who’s turning work down these days? Who knows when they will get another gala gig?

  • “By his friends shall ye know him.”

    Plácido Domingo has celebrated many anniversaries and galas in various opera houses around the world for many years (40 Years, 50 Years on stage etc.) and with lots of colleagues. He knows everybody in the business – and I am pretty sure that his closest friends date many years back and have probably nothing to do with singing.

  • Pretty Yende, who is not yet at the “everyone is hiring me” stage of her career, has a lot to lose with this ill-considered move. She will still get hired, but many of her colleagues won’t be kind.

  • So wonderful that Mr Putin supports theaters and Bolshoi is open now for performances and covers.

    Shame on UK and US government that they do nothing for theaters. Their theatre are closed and artists can’t sing.

  • Here we go again, Slippedisc having a go at Domingo. This concert has been on his calendar for months, so why is it suddenly newsworthy?

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