Lang Lang has a baby on the way

The pianist says: ‘I am so excited to announce that Gina and I are expecting our first child. We could not be happier to welcome our new family member to the world.’

Looks like early days yet.

The couple married in June 2019. He is 38, she 26.



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    • How fortuitous that Lang Lang’s latest album is JSB’s ‘Goldberg Variations’, the original composition of which was reputedly to settle an insomniac Count. And caring for a baby, Mrs Lang & Lang Lang will presumably have insomnia. He really has everything mapped out, musically, though the baby may prove to be his father’s sternest critic.
      An article on the Goldbergs used to treat renal lithiasis pain :

  • 1) “He is 38, she 26.”

    So what? If he followed the model of conductors, she will be his first wife, and the older he gets, the younger the subsequent wives will get.

    2) Congrats Lang Lang, but you know, was there really a need to add to the world population?

    You could’ve just adopted 10 kids from Africa and war zone refugee camps. As it is, the next generations will just suffer catastrophic climate change and nuclear fallout from war between China, US and North Korea.

    • Oh, FCS. This site routinely mentions births, marriages, deaths in the music community. This is a good news story and nothing else. Don’t be such a jerk.

  • Please! who cares that these “people” are having a baby,
    an extra addition to an already over-populated troubled world.
    We have far more pressing, important issues in our world to contend with- LL’s sense of self importance is becoming unbearable-already bad enough that the Goldberg publicity stunt more than diminishes the true worth of Bach’s Golden Treasure,
    Bach’s love letter and the ultimate gift to humanity.
    Please don’t make the “priceless” cheap by imitating the relentless
    Advert obsessed machinery of the Greed-driven Market Economy
    that is destroying our world and our Planet earth!

    • Wow.
      These are two fellow human beings who are expecting their first baby. They are excited. They are happy. Why are you getting so upset?
      And what on earth does “imitating the relentless Advert obsessed machinery of the Greed-driven Market Economy that is destroying our world and our Planet earth” have to do with Mr. and Mrs. LL’s baby?
      You are deeply weird, Gift. Deeply weird.

  • That’s nice. Maybe he can start getting serious now and stop appearing on Chinese entertainment shows and getting all weird on classics like the Goldberg.

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