Swiss ballet is stilled by Covid

Swiss ballet is stilled by Covid


norman lebrecht

October 18, 2020

From Zurich Opera:

Unfortunately we have to inform you that the performances of our new production of Sleeping Beauty on October 17 and 18 cannot take place due to a Covid case in the ballet company. 

Today, after a member of the company tested positive for the corona virus, all dancers have to go into quarantine for 10 days for safety reasons according to the protection concept of the Swiss theaters, which implements the specifications of the FOPH for the theaters. Training and ballet performances with a 1.5 meter hygienic distance and without physical contact are unthinkable for the Zurich Ballet. For this reason, the dancers have agreed to train and perform as a so-called “fixed group”. All participants were aware that a positive test result of one member of the ensemble would mean quarantine for the whole group. Unfortunately, this case has occurred today and we wish the sick person a quick recovery. We hope that the Zurich Ballet will soon be able to return to the stage …

We hear that there is more than a little intimacy in Zurich between ballet dancers and orchestra musicians. Stand by for opera difficulties.


  • Anthony Sayer says:

    We hear that there is more than a little intimacy in Zurich between ballet dancers and orchestra musicians

    Sorry, but that’s just cheap. Interaction between people has led to such unspeakable, irresponsible consequences as our presence on this earth. Covid hysteria is standing basic human tenets on their heads. Relax and read the Great Barrington Declaration (if GAFA even let you).

  • Hobbes says:

    It’s not uncommon for members of ballet/opera orchestras to be in a relationship – whether marriage, partnership or dating – with one of the dancers/singers/production crew. Surely you’re not suggesting that people should suspend their long term relationships for the sake of a Sleeping Beauty?!