Lang Lang got married

And announced it on Instagram:



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We said yes.

A post shared by Lang Lang – 郎朗 (@langlangpiano) on

The bride is Alice Gina Redlinger, 24.

He’s 36.

It was a French wedding.



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    • A “French wedding” nowadays is a tacky wedding for rich Chinese. True to form, Lang Lang’s wedding is as tasteless and tacky as his piano playing.

        • I know what a French garden is, but as for a French wedding, well, maybe Mr. Lebrecht needs to enlighten us.

      • The catty remarks here at Slipped Disc are really sickening, and the fact that they’re made in this cowardly anonymous manner makes them even more disheartening. This is a perfect example, “Wedding Banquet.” Your remark would be infuriating if it weren’t so obviously coming from a sad and disturbed person. Why did you make it?

      • Lang Lang isn’t playing classical composers. He is playing Lang Lang. The speed is prestissimo to impress the public. (How sad)

  • It will give the snarky nobodies a chance to aim their cheap
    shots at him . Give him his day and let go the dreary pot
    shots or is that too civilized .

    • Thank you, Wladek. Civility is the one thing lacking from most of the regular respondents on Slipped Disc.

  • Why is Norman Lebrecht so mean? You can say whatever you want about someone’s playing because you are a music critic. But now taking digs at a musician’s personal life? That’s not tasteful.

    Also, it’s clear that you were giving a jab even if you didn’t spell it out, so no excuses here.

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