Just in: Catalonia closes down

Just in: Catalonia closes down


norman lebrecht

October 29, 2020

The authorities in Catalonia have ordered theatres and culture spaces to close for 15 days.



  • Darrell says:

    The day will come when even SL will have to end up closing because there will no longer be anything to report.

  • Lipper Luncheon-Spoop says:

    About time! How many more Catalananians have to die before people start listening to the rules. Mask it or casket!

    • Gustavo says:

      EVERYBODY is wearing a mask inside and outside in Barcelona. You see people walking their dogs wearing a mask. Stop this nonsense. The problem is: public transportation, schools and families…
      The increase in case has exploded since schools reopened…

    • Jessica Pastrami says:

      I wouldn’t bet on those primitives to start following the rules. Maybe they need another dose of Franco’s authority to really get them in line.

      • Orchestral Player says:

        Either you’re being humorous or you’re a totally despicably racist human being.

      • Simon Scott says:

        You are a fascist

      • Barbara says:

        That is an appalling and insensitive thing to say.

      • MarieTherese says:

        What a terrible thing to say! Do your homework and learn of the atrocities that Franco perpetrated on Catalunya, trying to stamp out their language and culture. Hundreds of thousands died at his orders.
        You make me sick. It’s no wonder the world is a mess.

        • José Bergher says:

          • Hugh Thomas: “The Spanish Civil War”
          • Paul Preston; “The Spanish Civil War”
          • Paul Preston: “The Spanish Holocaust”
          • Anthony Beevor: “The Battle for Spain”

    • Novagerio says:

      Lipper: Catalonians? What about Spaniards? Do you also believe in about Narnians?

  • Intelligent Observer says:

    I think the elderly realize how important it is for young people to get together. Open everything up NOW. Its time we realize that sacrifices are required, and it shouldn’t be the young people sacrificing their very important social obligations. They need to be at bars learning proper social skills. Lets make the sacrifice of some people worth it…for the future. Let’s be reasonable here.