Vienna’s new chief needs new suit

Inaugurating his first season as head of the Vienna State Opera, Bogdan Roscic shows abundant signs of sartorial neglect, with creases up and down his suit and buttons bursting off all over.

Are all the tailors in Vienna still shut?

He is seen here at a safe distance from the sleek cardigan of Petra Bohuslav, the company’s commercial manager.

Photo: Michael Pöhn / Vienna State Opera

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    • But that is not true. There is the BS Community (Bad Suit Community) where the members’ suits have been chosen by their wife or girlfriend and the anxiety of offending her was too great to complain. The – still rather secret – community has branches in alsmost every large Western city where members get together at friday nights to complain to each other and to show and compare their bad-fitting suits.

    • Norman, please ignore haters such as Mr. Pastrami, who appears to have nothing better to do than to post nonsense in your comment section under a fake name. The rest of us appreciate all you do for the classical music world.

      • In general, agreed that Mr. Lebrecht provides valuable information. But bad suits? Not even on April 1? You have time to read such nonsense?

  • Maybe the poor man is altering his attire commensurate with the reduced salary he is receiving, following his excessive income at Sony!

  • But it can be a positive sign, that he doesn’t care much about appearances as such but wants to spend most of his attention on the work.

  • One should never button up a single breasted suit! He should go to Dunmore & Locke in St. James and get fitted for a Black facecloth jacket, striped trousers, with turnups, a grey waistcoat, black shoes patent. A morning suit would be an alternative. Never button the last waistcoat button. Three buttons on the jacket sleeve is correct four is too flash.

    The photo suggests too much Wiener Schnitzel and Apfel strudel.

  • Ah, the reason why his suit jacket is ill fitted can be either because he is wearing “slim fit” off the peg or he eats too much Schnitzel and Strudel.

    In any case he should not button up a single breasted, fine for a double breasted with double vents bespoke of course.
    With his salary and perks he should be able to afford Dunmore & Locke in St. James.

  • Before a new suit, he actually needs a brain to have a good season at the Vienna State Opera… Covid or No-Covid, the announced season is pretty much a big joke…

  • It’s a trend set by Germany’s foreign minister. It makes you look younger. And it’s still better than wearing an oversized blazer.

  • Really important: There will be regular performances for about 1000-1200 people in the theatre, standing room is saved and we won´t hear abrigded versions in Vienna.
    That´s worthy of a headline and that´s important to Austrian opera lovers!!!

    • Madam, I am indeed gratified to learn that we won’t have to put up with abridged versions in Vienna, however I have never stood for an entire opera in my life. The last time I stood in my box in an opera house was a post war gala performance at Covent Garden for his majesty King George VI!

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