Exclusive: Royal Albert Hall plans empty Remembrance Day

Exclusive: Royal Albert Hall plans empty Remembrance Day


norman lebrecht

September 03, 2020

We hear that the televised Remembrance Day Saturday night concert at the RAH is to be pre-filmed this November without an audience.

The Sunday ceremony in Whitehall will be held with greatly reduced numbers.

Buckingham Palace has no plans to reinstate Changing of the Guard.


  • Andrew says:

    They really are pathetic. Even were distancing necessary, it’s perfectly possible to do in a hall of that size. Hardly in the spirit of the heroism that the event is supposed to remember. What a bunch of bedwetters.

  • V. Lind says:

    Rather lends weight to the notion that it was the RAH that determined whether audiences could attend the Proms or not.

    • SVM says:

      If so, why not look for another hall… or even a stadium? Of course, the Royal Albert Hall is an iconic aspect of both the Proms and the Remembrance Day event, but if the Hall refuses to countenance an audience, alternative venues should be considered. If the Proms can outlive the destruction of the Queen’s Hall, it can outlive the closure of the Royal Albert Hall to the public.

      • SVM says:

        And why does the event have to be *pre*-filmed? Can it not at least be live? Are they frightened that Boris will come-in early and lay a wreath upside-down again (as he did in November 2019 at the Cenotaph)?

  • Adam says:

    This is a test comment

  • Fair enough says:

    Before everyone knocks RAH, let’s look at the facts – the average age of that audience is probably between 70-80? Covid might have a second wave, particularly in early winter and this audience is made up of a demographic that is most at risk. Whilst sad, this makes total sense, and I’d imagine was a decision taken with the Royal British Legion, rather than being the RAH’s.

    • violin accordion says:

      They could put on a concert of Requiems for the coffin dodgers

    • Beatrice Potter says:

      I totally agree… Just one example: the Chelsea Pensioners have already lost a number of members to Covid in the first wave… We are now at the start of the second wave. There are restrictions everywhere …. This is no-one’s fault but better miss it for a year and then with luck things will be back to normal in 2021.

  • Dave says:

    If that bumbling fool Prime Minister had kept the
    Lock down for a further month instead of listening to all those only interested in the economy and
    Letting stupid youngsters party like last nights Halloween we might have got on top of this disease by now

  • Alun Parry says:

    No mention of Afghanistan Afen N Ireland tonight Many must feel forgotten

  • Alun Parry says:

    Sorry meant Aden