The Slipped Disc daily comfort zone (192): Perry Como sings Kol Nidrei

The Slipped Disc daily comfort zone (192): Perry Como sings Kol Nidrei


norman lebrecht

September 26, 2020

Amazing rendition by an Italianat baritone.



  • David K. Nelson says:

    Nicely done. He also recorded “Eli Eli.” He was not a trained singer but he was a trained musician.

  • Greg Bottini says:

    Perry Como had a beautiful voice…. but there was no “there” there. It’s always been just empty vocalizing with Como.
    Como had a pretty voice and a nice face, but was a truly boring singer. He might be fine singing at your daughter’s wedding – the nonnas and zias would just love him and he would ruffle no one’s delicate sensibilities. He sang just like Andy Williams. *yawn*
    Norman – you couldn’t find a tape of Mel Torme singing the Kol Nidre? Now THERE was a great Jewish-American “popular” singer.
    Take it from me: Sinatra and Bennett were the absolute gold standard for male Italian-American “popular” singers of the day.

  • graham clarke says:

    The Johnny Mathis version is even better….

    Here’s how he prepared for it:

  • Larry says:

    Entertainers of Como’s generation sang every kind of song, regardless of their own ethnicity/religion. Consider “My Yiddishe Momma,” for example, recorded by Billie Holiday, Tom Jones, Connie Francis, etc., etc. Happy New Year Norman!

  • Lauren says:

    Jan Peerce’s version is the best I have ever heard. I still have the old LP vinyl disk from which I first heard it. He was also a cantor, as was his brother-in-law, Richard Tucker, and there are probably some people around that remember Peerce singing at the High Holy Day Services. Speaking of that, I was shocked to see a degenerate protestor blowing the shofar and harassing a Jewish couple out dining in Florida recently. I have not heard a single civil rights leader comment on how wrong this was. I also wish that protestor could have had his ass whupped. I would have enjoyed that.

  • Evan Tucker says:

    Never has Yom Kippur sounded so smooth…