Ex-LA Phil chief lands top US orchestral job

The League of American Orchestras has just named Simon Woods as its next president, succeeding Jesse Rosen in September.

Woods, who left the LA Phil in September last year, will head the Grand Teton Music Festival until the end of August.

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    • So a guys who’s greatest experience lies with orchestras outside of the AFM now is president of the League of American Orchestras? More union busting on the horizon evidently.

  • Sometimes, I think that orchestra management is the only part of the classical music industry that always experiences growth.

  • It may be a great appointment, but the League of American Orchestras is a totally useless, self-justifying organization that has done absolutely nothing to address the increasing marginalization of classical music in American life.

  • Orchestra’s are in dire straits during this pandemic and they announce a new appointment. Awful timing indeed!

    • Except there was no CEO of the organization. Kind of hard to act on the pandemic fallout if there’s no one in charge.

      • Jesse Rosen is staying on as CEO until September. It just SEEMS like there’s no CEO as they flounder trying to offer any value to their members in this crisis.

  • How do these people keep on failing upwards? Meanwhile orchestral musicians are thrown to the wolves across America. The league only serves the interests of administrators, not the people who actually make the music!

  • If you actually want to run an orchestra, build an institution, and produce compelling music, I don’t see the appeal of running the LAO (formerly the aptly-named ASOL). But I guess work is work.

    • The appeal is that the LAO CEO gets a $300k+ salary (same a top orchestra CEOS) but only has to manage a staff of 25 and produce one or two events each year.

    • The last CEO was at the League for 25 years. And his father was the LAO (then ASOL) president. LAO CEOs stay around for a long time, but half of their staff quits every year.

  • He must be good.

    He was only out of work for a month or so.

    Just in time for the Great Depression 2.0

  • Another middle-aged white man heading the League (insert eye roll). The orchestra industry just doesn’t get it. I’m sure Woods will do well presiding over the League’s continued irrelevance.

  • There’s surely *something* here: those agin the appointment are notably less literate than those for. Just saying.

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