Amid chaos and confusion, DG rushes out a pop single

A pop single on Deutsche Grammophon?

You heard it here first.

The classical violinist Lisa Batiashvili shares a Georgian origin with the pop singer Katie Melua. Lisa has an ambum coming out in late June, but who knows where we’ll be by then.

So DG are putting out one track today.

We think this must be DG’s first pop single.

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      • I for one certainly don’t, but even if she played Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, I’d sit up and listen.

        So yes, I was a tad disappointed at this latest DG release. I wish she’d record the Shostakovich concertos with Yannick.

        Anyway, I’m off to hear some Prokofiev, the album she recorded with him…

        Happy weekend to everyone, and thanks for keeping us posted, Mr Lebrecht.

      • You might had you watched Spitting Image, a satirical and parodic television programme, frequently hilarious and at its peak immensely popular. Those who lean to the Right or have no sense of humour or (commonly) both, should avoid it. Chicken Song became, I think, No. 1 on the charts when released on disc.

  • They recorded this ages ago. Not really anything that had to be “rushed”.
    Anne-Sofie van Otter had a CD on DG of ABBA songs before, that was pop.

  • In the mid 90s they released a CD with Goran Sollscher playing Beatles. Stylized for solo guitar, of course. And quite nice, to my ears. Does that count as a precedent?

  • How could anyone forget the “lost master” of von Hochmeister’s cover of “I wanna kiss the bride” ?

  • How would you classify Roger and Brian Eno’s new album on DG, “Mixing Colours”? Not really ambient or anything much. As Juke Box Jury would have put it, ” A Miss”.

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