These things happen at music school

These things happen at music school


norman lebrecht

February 08, 2020

The appalling prevalence of child abuse in music schools has gone mainstream on Netflix.

We’re a bit late to clock on to this horror film, but watch it anyway.



  • Ben G. says:

    Sharing the review I gave on IMDB when the film came out a few months ago:


    “Allow me to speak for all musicians in saying that jealousy does exist between us at some point in our careers, but not to this extent. “Mozart in the Jungle” was the poorest attempt at portraying the lives of symphonic musicians and their love affairs, but that ‘s not the way things are in real life.

    Performance errors are human, and should not be punished by “paying the price”. We are here to play our instrument and derive pleasure out of it. That is the only goal we have to acquire.

    So WHY do writers and directors think that they can make a fast buck on the musical world by conveying such a ridiculous image of how we grow and relate in our field? Yes, sexual harassment is present (but rare), usually stemming from teachers to students. However the idea of attaining “perfection” is false, because even when you think that you’ve achieved it, it can always be better.

    I’ll give this film a 2/10 simply because the actresses had good off stage Cello training. They were well coached and gave their instrumental technique was convincing. The rest is nothing more than a popcorn movie”

  • Hilary says:

    Lurid nonsense by the looks of the trailer.
    This area has been well covered by Michael Haneke (“the piano teacher”) and Damien Chazelle (“whiplash”) .

  • Andrew says:

    As usual in the movies, if you play classical you must be an insane evil genius.

  • mary says:

    Is there data showing that the incidents of child abuse in music schools are more prevalent than in other schools?

    Film makers like to make movies about sadistic and sexually repressed classical (or jazz!) music teachers for some reason.

    But the most egregious cases in the US have been in sports programs at universities. I guess Hollywood can’t make a film about football players being abused.

    Abuse remains appalling, of course, at whatever number and at whatever setting.

  • Boris says:

    Sex, Drugs & Sturm und Drang…….glorifying unhealthy competition, sexual assault and manipulation with an unrealistic redemption arc……trash.

  • Mr. Schwa says:

    Sounds like a big waste of time so I’m not going to watch it.

  • Max Grimm says:

    “We’re a bit late to clock on to this horror film, but watch it anyway.”

    You are 9 months too late to be late 😉

  • christopher storey says:

    What is netflix ?

  • Oresta Cybriwsky says:

    Oh please. Get a life.