Vienna blip: Beczala misses his debut

Piotr Beczala called in sick for his Vienna role debut as Lohengrin. There was a luxury sub for the suffering Pole, but not everyone was laughing.

Our man on the spot, Larry L. Lash reports: ‘Piotr Beczala skipped tonight’s “Lohengrin” at Wiener Staatsoper, so the audience is being treated to Klaus Florian Vogt in Andreas Homoki’s hideous production which I stormed out of at its premiere and caught a late-night screening of “The Grand Budapest Hotel” as a palate cleanser.

Vogt as Lohengrin. Photo: Vienna State Opera / Michael Pöhn

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  • what a wonderful singer Klaus Florian is ! as well as Piotr – it was amazing to hear them both in Bayreuth last summer.

  • Perhaps Beczala could no longer do a good job of pretending to be able to sing Lohengrin. Remember when Francisco Araiza started singing it? It was not too many years afterwards we stopped ever hearing about him.

    • Don’t create any bad rumors. This is irresponsible! Piotr was sick and sang the second performance despite not having fully recovered. He was marvellous and proved that he is one of the best, if not the best tenor in his field.

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