A child pianist was killed in the plane shot down by Iran

A child pianist was killed in the plane shot down by Iran


norman lebrecht

January 13, 2020

The human faces are starting to emerge from the Iranian ‘error’ that down a civilian airliner with many Canadians on board.

Reera Esmaeilion, nine years oldm and her mother Parisa Eghbalian, a dentist, died when their plane was shot down last Wednesday.


  • John Borstlap says:

    Unbearable bits of information… totally unnecessary human tragedies in that area with no end in sight, and barbarians and cranks at the steering wheel. And it is almost always the innocents who are the victims.

  • Robert Holmén says:

    I can only imagine the crushing sadness this has brought him.

  • Patrick says:

    If this could be any more sad. This is heart-breaking.

  • Ravi Narasimhan says:

    Heartbreaking. There’s too much dry tinder around and too many people flicking matches.

  • V.Lind says:

    “A child pianist” implies some sort of prodigy performing in concert halls. This would appear to be a child taking piano lessons, perhaps captured at a recital at her school.

    We are shaken enough in Canada by this tragedy — and outrage — without over-egging the pudding over individual victims. The human faces emerged early on, and there are vigils all over the country to mourn this huge loss.

    The loss of this child is as tragic as is the loss of all the non-piano-playing individuals of whatever nation, on that plane.

    • Robert Holmén says:

      Rushing in to sniff about a child piano player being called a pianist is a completely unsurprising display of pettiness on this venue.

  • Mick the Knife says:

    Too sad for words.

  • esfir ross says:

    Norman, don’t put error in quotation marks-Iran admitted a mistake. Blame D.Trump that brought hysteria to such catastrophy.

    • V. Lind says:

      Damn straight. If he hadn’t engaged in his wild adventurism — without consulting any allies — there wouldn’t have been Iranian missiles in the air at all that night. I do not blame Iran at all for his tragedy — now that they have admitted it. I blame a fool who has got hold of office and who seems to think that spectacular surprises constitute foreign policy — no strategy, no thought for consequences. Trump should be on his knees to the Canadians, the Ukrainians, the British and any other nation that had people on that plane.

      He may be gloating because, to their credit, Iran has responded very moderately to an egregious assault. General Soleimani was not a nice bloke, but the world is full of not nice blokes, and it is not down to Drumpf to eliminate them at will. Unfortunately, I think the Iranians will wait for their real reprisal till he is out of the White House, as he is fool enough to hit the nuclear button. So someone else will, as usual, end up paying for his ASININE life and actions. He is a pig.

    • Robert Holmén says:

      I sense that the irony quotes around “error” are not to suggest that this outcome was intentional but to highlight the colossal understatement of such a label when describing such a colossal disaster.

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    This is just dreadful. Like the shooting down of the airliner by Russian allies over the Ukraine – where one family of four was lost – these images bring us right to the core of tragedy. I find it hard to get my head around it, to be honest.

    • SVM says:

      There is no conclusive proof that MH17 was shot-down by “Russian allies”. Indeed, there is evidence suggesting that someone in the Ukrainian armed forces may have been responsible.

      In any case, the present situation is *not* analogous to MH17, inasmuch as Iran has actually accepted responsibility for the shooting-down, and has vowed to prosecute the persons responsible for the fateful decision. This stands in stark contrast to the USA, which has neither apologised nor prosecuted anybody for shooting down Iran Air Flight 655 back in July 1988 (perversely, the people responsible were awarded medals).

      • V. Lind says:

        The Americans apologise? Azziff. They are about to disregard an extradition order from a major ally for a stupid American bitch who couldn’t get her head around the fact that driving rules are different in the UK than in the US. As a result a teenage boy is DEAD, and this stupid bitch with the backing of her government, will duck the consequences of driving on the side of the road she automatically, stupidly and Americanly thinks is universal.

        They have offered a feeble nonsense about her facing the charge being “disproportionate” as it carries a MAXIMUM sentence of 14 years — as if she would get that. Even I, who detest her and her evil avoidance of accountability, acknowledge that it was an accident and would anticipate a sentence of months at most and quite possibly a suspended sentence.

        Americans tramp over other people and make bloody sure that they are NEVER called to account, hence their attitude to the ICJ. They’re all in favour if it judging baddies as long as it is not any of THEIR baddies.