International manager gives up his agency

International manager gives up his agency


norman lebrecht

January 13, 2020

The classical industry veteran Stephen Wright has handed over his agency Wright Music Management, together with all its artists, to his deputy Alexandra Knight. The agency will be known in future as Knight Classical Ltd. Stephen Wright will continue working on his own projects and as a consultant to Knight Classical.


A former head of Harold Holt Ltd who went on to found IMG Artists, Wright later brought the former Van Walsum agency and recast it as his own company, which he is now moving on.

Alexandra Knight, 30, an Oxford music graduate, has been working with him for six years. She has raised new capital from a US hedge fund to secure the future of the business. The artists involved are:

Alena Baeva violin
Joseph Bastian conductor
Marc Coppey cello
Laurence Equilbey conductor
Moné Hattori violin
Stephen Kovacevich piano
Florian Leonhard violin-maker
Cem Mansur conductor
John Nelson conductor
Anna Tsybuleva piano
Hugh Wolff conductor

The business will become fully operational tomorrow at


  • At least I know one of its artists, Stephen Kovacevich.

  • Always curious says:

    That was a nice infomercial

  • Kolb Slaw says:

    What an odd roster of clients. And money from a hedge fund? That doesn’t sound good. Management should be about making money for the clients, not the management.

  • Nick2 says:

    For clarification, Stephen Wright did not found IMG Artists! IMG took over Hamlen Landau management in New York and renamed it IMG Artists in 1984. Stephen Wright only became involved with the company around 1990 when he was a co-Director of Harold Holt. IMG Artists then opened a branch in London. A few years later it was on the point of taking over the entire Holt operation when Wright’s co-directors backed out. Wright then took his orchestral touring division and a few conductors over to IMG Artists. I believe eventually he became the head of IMG Artists Europe.