What do you call a legal cannabis company?

What do you call a legal cannabis company?


norman lebrecht

November 04, 2019

Viola, apparently.

Press release:
Viola, a national leader in the production and sale of premium quality cannabis products founded by NBA veteran Al Harrington, today announced the closing of a $16 million funding round led by Gotham Green Partners. The investment firm, known for its financial support of some of the most reputable cannabis companies in the industry, is the first institutional investment in the company.

This latest round of funding will assist with the acquisition of a 34,500 sq. ft cultivation, processing and distribution facility in Adelanto, California as well as the completion of Viola’s 48,000 sq. ft facility in Detroit, Michigan. The funds will also enable Viola to continue to advance the growth of the company’s personnel with key new hires that will continue to establish Viola as a leader in the cannabis marketplace…

No joke.




  • Karl says:

    …then why a picture of a Joseph Curtin violin? Do you not know the difference between a violin and a viola? Maybe lay off the reefer Norm.

  • AnySchiffInAStorm says:

    What’s the difference between cannabis and viola?

    One is a carefully crafted item that’s been giving pleasure to mankind for centuries – and the other is a musical instrument which plays the ‘____ cha-cha’ notes in Strauss waltzes.

  • David K. Nelson says:

    I knew it. I knew it. You start with the Telemann Concerto in G and next you’re looking for the hard stuff.

  • fierywoman says:

    As a violist, I’m ROFLMAO-ing at this news. There’s a reason all the high strung players in the orch hang with the violas: we’re just more easy going. I think it’s a perfect name for a pot company.

  • Larry W says:

    Premium quality anything could be named Viola.
    Viola also burns longer than Violin.

  • Ross Amico says:

    I’ve got a fever… and the only prescription is more viola!


  • Stuart says:

    From their website – a less than musical reference: Viola was founded in 2011 by 16 year NBA veteran Al Harrington. The inspiration for starting the company came from Al’s grandmother who suffers from glaucoma and diabetes. With some convincing from Al, she reluctantly agreed to try cannabis for her pain and found immediate relief. Inspired, Al was moved to create a purposeful company in the space and named it Viola, after his grandmother.

  • Ruben Greenberg says:

    cannabis enables you to play the high notes high.

  • Viola was my high school band director’s wife’s name.