How many pianists can you sit at a keyboard?

It’s the old elephants in a Volkswagen question.

Apparently the record was 21.

Now it’s…. read here.


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  • that’s just CRAaaaaaazy, wow. Finally something in grade school that is more than it…

    Well, that makes me happy, for Da Vinci too, who inspired the composition they played it says.

    Only I thought it would be like 8,000,000,000 (eighth billion) on the piano, that includes the invisible extras on the earth (extra-terrestrials), since we don’t have 8 billions of humans yet, but maybe that’s the unicorns and stuff, the extras.

    fingers fingers everyone’s fingers…

  • This record is breakable, you just need a 92-Key Bosendorfer that goes down to F (F-issimo!)
    I played the Brahms G minor Rhapsody at a competition once. You know, the one that you have to pounce on the bottom A all the time.
    Just as I was starting, my page turner noticed the little flap covering the keys below the A and kindly (she thought) lifted it out of the way. As Charlie Brown would say, Aurggghhh! I have never been so terrified during a performance.

  • Ingenious, creative, brain-storming youngsters! .

    Although they had only 30 fingers, I’d like to have seen and heard Chopin, Liszt, and Alkan playing on one keyboard at a concert in Paris in the Salle Erard in the 1830s.

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