Bayreuth confirms its 2020 plans

Bayreuth confirms its 2020 plans


norman lebrecht

August 12, 2019

There is to be a new Ring cycle, conducted by the Finn, Pietari Inkinen, directed by Valentin Schwarz.

Axel Kober, replacing the absentee Valery Gergiev, will conduct a revived Tannhäuser, as well as two Lohengrins.

These plans have been previously leaked.

Meistersinger is also to be revived, no conductor yet named.

Marek Janowski has been chosen to conduct the Beethoven anniversary performance of the 9th symphony.

That’s it, folks.

Don’t get too excited.


  • Tamino says:

    “Folks” are not in it to get excited. Folks are mostly in it to enjoy the music. It’s only a small group of critics and ‘have-seen-it-all’s, that are eager for the next flash drug kick.

  • Jonathan Sutherland says:

    No official announcement of the first female conductor yet?
    Contrary to Norman’s prediction, the Bayreuth bush telegraph is betting heavily against Simone Young.

  • Wally Francis says:

    What a great shame that the organisers at Bayreuth have let Andris Nelsons pass on another season. Without a doubt he his the finest younger Wagnerian conductor of the 21st Century. Sensitive artist yes, but a supremely gifted one who undoubtedly has the talent, skill and musical insight to cement the great works in the 21st Century.

    Bayreuth should be moving every muscle to secure his services at the earliest opportunity.

    • Herr Doktor says:

      Thielemann and Nelsons had a major tiff, and I’m sure Nelsons will never return to Bayreuth so long as Thielemann is involved.

    • Derek says:


      Andris Nelsons has such a busy schedule. He does not need to hurry back to Bayreuth.

      He has plenty of time in the future to return when he considers the circumstances are right (and Bayreuth will ask him).

    • Edgar says:

      With Nelsons banned from The Green Hill, we here in Tanglewood got to enjoy some splendid Wagner this year (Die Walküre), as well as in 2017 (Das Rheingold). We’d certainly be in for all four nights of the RING :-). Besides, we get to enjoy the music in most agreeable temperatures either in The Shed or on The Lawn, surrounded by the breathtakingly beautiful Berkshires. I am sure Wagner would have liked it had he had enough money to bring his vision across the Atlantic. Better to let Bayreuth have it’s own Immerwährender Wahn 😉

  • Monsoons says:

    How about having a less convoluted system for buying tickets?

    I tried to purchase this year. Went online the first day of sales. Entered the digital queue, got to the final screen, and then was told I needed to have already created an account, and the deadline to do that was a week or so ago, so I was SOL. WTF?

  • David A, Boxwell says:

    Nothing on improved climate control, so a hard pass.