I used to be a classical flutist until …

Meet Ms Lizzo, the hottest pop star of the summer.

People are often surprised that Lizzo can actually play the flute. At 30, she’s been playing for 20 years, since she was a preteen in her Houston junior high school’s marching band and people would tell her “that shit is corny!” She went to the University of Houston on a music scholarship. She practices four hours a day when her schedule permits. The flute even has its own Instagram account, @sashabefluting (it follows no one). …

When Lizzo plays the flute, it’s a gentle “Fuck you, yes I can,” to everyone who is surprised to see her take the stage in a spandex bodysuit and play a song by an old Frenchman. She knows she’s doing something with the instrument that nobody’s ever done (please see: recent Instagram videos from her album-listening party in an L.A. strip club — a singular moment in flute-performance history). Her career has been full of those kinds of expectation-defying swerves, ones that shock, delight, and challenge preconceptions. And not just ours, but her own. “I’ve said it before, but me just existing is revolutionary,” she says again. People think they know what to expect from a pop star, but then they meet Lizzo.



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Haven’t been feelin sexy lately… it’s crazy how you can BE cute and still not FEEL cute… sheesh 🥴

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  • That’s fantastic!
    Beware the incoming wave of negative comments from all the old white guys ok this forum though….

    • Old white guy here! Not sure what negative comment I’m supposed to make, though: pop singer plays flute doesn’t give me much to work with.
      Maybe you could help me out – what in your opinion would bring about a negative comment? It certainly appears you have some idea…are you an old white guy yourself?

    • I’m an old white guy (69) and also a classical musician and I think it’s great. Anything that can bring instrumental real instrumental awareness to the public is great !!

    • Well, this elderly black woman finds her crude and toe-curlingly embarrassing.

      Sorry if my reaction does not conform to your racial stereotyping.

  • You know, if she makes more than the principal flute of the Baltimore Symphony, who’s to say who has made the better career choice?

    Care I hear an amen?

    • If we can rate musical performance in dollars and cents, then quite a few Hedge Fund Managers should be Section Principals of the Baltimore Symphony

      No amen from me, ‘Buddy’. None at all.

  • In the Instagram pic she looks like Anna Netrebko if AN had a few more pounds on her (she’s getting there) and spent a few days in a tanning booth.

  • This can be dealt with easily:

    1. She looks like, weighs approximately equal to, plays the flute about as well as, has all the style of, moves like, and is about as loud as a large dump truck.

    2. She would have no career moment if it weren’t for body positivity and wokeness movements. When those trends pass (another year maybe… if they last that long) people will ask themselves why they wanted to listen to a dump truck try to play the flute.

    3. It must be sad when everyone giving you “you go girl” and “YAAAAS!!!” pseudo praise, actually is just using you to show how open and embracing they are of “all bodies are beautiful. I think women are actually the worst about this, and to each other. Why would for instance thin and beautiful girls who go to Coachella, who work on their bodies and their diets like religion, make room for this sort of thing? They may pretend to be nice, they may pretend to like your assigned, in reality: They all know: you’re just a dump truck.

    Dump trucks exist, but no one really wants to drive one. Pretending a dump truck is a Lamborghini helps no one.

  • I like her, I think she’s outrageous and funny. She admits knowing fairly early on that she didn’t have the talent to succeed in the classical realm, so she took another road, it’s working for her, she just did two sold out concerts in my city. I doubt she will inspire any up and coming young classical flutists but there are too many of them already. Lizzo is an original!

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