Sicklist: Kaufmann kranks out

Sicklist: Kaufmann kranks out


norman lebrecht

July 23, 2019

Bavarian State Opera have notified us that Jonas Kaufmann is out of  Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg on 27 and 31 July.

Not feeling well.

His replacement is Daniel Kirch of Cologne.

Kaufmann last cancelled a week ago.




  • John Sorel says:

    Finally the Meistersinger in which Walther cedes way to David 🙂

    Hoping Herr Kaufmann recovers briskly.

  • M McAlpine says:

    Does he ever sing these days?

    • Edgar says:

      He does. Depending on how he feels, and/or how his health is.

      In 2016 I was lucky to hear him in Meistersinger in Munich in a musically fabulous performance by all involved.

      I heard him in Tristan Act Two in Boston and was underwhelmed (this in spite of having a seat on the second balcony in the back of the hall where one enjoys great sound).

      That being said, I am not a singer, yet I trust that Jonas Kaufmann makes well-judged decisions about whether to cancel or not. Still, there is a cloud of “will he or won’t he?” hovering around, which is a pity…

      • Yes, that 2016 Meistersinger was good musically:

        In answer to McAlpine’s question, Kaufmann’s summer dates:

        June 23 – Milan gala (for Alexander Pereira, a worthy man)

        July 12 – Otello in Munich – he is presented with an honor on stage afterwards
        July 15 – Otello – cancels
        July 18 – gala in Regensburg (for Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis) – sings radiantly and in full voice according to local press*
        July 27 – Meistersinger in Munich – cancels
        July 31 – Meistersinger – cancels

        August 8, 11, 13 – returns to Australia for concerts underwritten by a bazillionaire

        Sept. 20, 24, 28 – Otello in Munich (seats available)


    • sycorax says:

      Yep. The big concerts which are very well paid.

  • LydiaWahlberg says:

    Oh, I am so surprised.

  • david parrish says:

    how many operas and recitals has Kaufmann cancelled?

  • Simon says:

    Anyone care to open a book on next year’s Fidelio at Covent Garden?

  • JW says:

    get your facts right guys! JK didn’t cancel once last year though none of you made comment on that. this year it’s the third time. I have had the privilege of hearing him live 19 times and he has always turned up. i noted your usual unnecessary comments about the munich otello yesterday; it is an interesting take on the opera representing otello as a psychologically crushed war hero ,not the usual loudly singing/shouting heroic warrior .I saw it live last year and the singing was wondrous but the interpretation is not to everyone’s taste which is of course fine.

    • Bogda says:

      he didn’t cancel where? are you just referring to Munich festival?
      Around the world he had quite a lot of cancelations. Just recently he cancelled the full run of Forza in Paris.

      • Helen says:

        Please get your facts right. JK sang Forza in London. He sang all the performances he was booked for. Very good he was too. He then had a chocking incident at the beginning of May which affected his throat. He cancelled Tosca in Paris. He hoped to sing the later ones in the run but in the end cancelled. He then sang the Opera gala, then sang one of the Otello but then cancelled. He sang at Regensberg but was clearly not at his best. I wish him a good recovery, and hope he is able to go to Australia. They really appreciate him over there unlike some in Germany.

      • Elena says:

        It was Tosca,actually. Neither he nor YOncheva turned up. Disapointment is too light a word to describe what the audience felt.

  • Hugo Respighi says:

    That was too obvious after his attempts at singing Otello that he would get “sick”
    Feeling so sorry for all the people who planned to see Jonas but got a disappointment instead… again!

  • Jean says:

    Meistersinger is about Hans Sachs and the conductor anyway. So who cares.

    • Yes Addison says:

      If I were that indifferent to the role/music of Walther, I’d have enjoyed a lot more Meistersingers over the years. We’re much more likely to get a good Sachs and conductor.