Maestra stays: Mälkki is good for the decade

Maestra stays: Mälkki is good for the decade


norman lebrecht

June 04, 2019

Chief Conductor Susanna Mälkki has extended her term with the Helsinki Philharmonic to 2023, with an option for a further two-year renewal, taking her to the middle of the next decade.

She has been in charge in Helsinki since 2016.



  • Pedro says:

    Great news for Finland though she fully deserves an international top job ( the Paris Opéra and the Orchestre de Paris for instance will soon be free ).

    • Andreas C. says:

      The Helsinki Phil is an international-level ensemble with stable funding and management and an open mind towards the type of programme, including challenging Modernism, Mälkki excels at. There are frankly very few places where she could concentrate on the essentials as fully as she can in her current position.

  • Anonanon says:

    Caught her with the LA Phil recently and was blown away. As many talented musicians and artists as Finland contributes to the classical world at large, I’m quite glad they get to keep one of their stars at home.