Pires breaks retirement to replace sick Lupu

Radu Lupu has crashed out of Beethoven’s G-major concerto with Daniel Barenboim and the Berliner Philharmoniker on Thursday

His replacement will be Maria Joao Pires, who retired two years ago.

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  • I hope Lupo is all right and will be back soon. If only the best replace him, it is a token of the great respect they have for him.

    • So how retired is she really? Not that anyone should complain. I am probably not alone in thinking of her as one of the greatest living pianists.

      • I am surprised to hear this too. I heard her in Edinburgh about 4 years ago so her retirement must be more recent than that. It was a beautiful and intriguing interpretation of the Chopin E minor.

  • “His replacement will be Maria Joao Pires, who retired two years ago.”

    If I had known that, I would have bought tickets.

  • Wonderful replacement, and now that Lupu who doesn’t like broadcasts is out, the concert will be live on their Digital Concert Hall!

  • Lupu’s Beethoven 4 in London was rather quiet, over indulgent, and about himself, rather than Beethoven. I am sure MJP, who’s philosophy is never about herself, but as a servant to the composer and music, has got to be a great replacement. Radu was a phenomenal pianist/musician in his younger years, one of the greatest, which is no longer I am afraid the case today.

  • I would of flown from NY to hear her. The greatest living pianist is not un realistic a tittle for her. What a treat for those able to attend. Bravo

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