Cellist, 11, wins Estonia Young Musician

Refreshingly musical.

Damodar is from the Philippines.

Winners Concert in Estonia Concert Hall. 1st place Damodar das Castillo Category B Young Musician Tallinn 2019 International Competition for Pianist, Violinist and Cellist. Damodar das is studying under Prof. Barbara Leubke at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg, Austria under the support of Chairman Mr. Echauz of Standard Insurance, Inc.


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  • Filipinos are highly musical people and I am sure would produce many more talents if the interest in classical music were greater there & the poverty less. Unlike in China there is not that much interest in classical music.

    • Indeed, I can’t think of any nation that is more ready to burst into song at every opportunity. And Filipino bands dominate the live music scene all over Asia.

  • I also like the fact that the boy doesn’t put any of the so- called “emotional faces” we have to endure nowadays. He just concentrates on the sound and not the camera!

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