Domingo sings role #151

The ex-tenor, 78, sang the title role in Manuel Penella’s zarzuela El Gato Montés in Los Angeles on Saturday. He’ll repeat it later this week.

Does anyone care?

Read here.

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  • What is with all the Domingo hate on this blog?! He’s long past his prime (and he’d be the first to tell you that) but still very capable of giving an emotionally committed performance. Let him do what he does, which continues to please audiences around the world. He has done and continues to do a great service to opera and classical music.

    • Thank you MusicBear88. I feel as you do. He is still a wonderful performer who puts his heart and soul in each and every performance. Seeing him last year in Luisa Miller was such a treat and something I’ll never forget. I have the utmost respect for a man who continues to thrill audiences and gives back threefold to the opera world.

  • He is still singing major baritone roles in major opera houses. He is about to sing Macbeth in Berlin under Barenboim. I admire Karajan who did not allow sentimentality to overrule his judgement when it came to singers who passed their prime. He just dropped them. Of course there is the remote chance that I may eat my words after seeing his performance, but I doubt it.

    • I recently saw an HD from Berlin with him and Netrebko in Macbeth. I thought he was fantastic – tremendous acting as the demented Macbeth and his voice was fine as far as I am concerned. Good for him he wants to keep doing this.

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