Label news: Hauschka abandons prepared piano

The German composer and experimental pianist Hauschka (real name: Volker Bertelmann) has switched from DG to Sony Classical and from his Cageian prepared piano to a regular grand.

Sad on both counts. He sounds now just like any other minimapianist.

Listen here.


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  • Mr Lebrecht,
    Please ask Universal folks who obviously pay you for these kind of „news“ to send you proper information: Hauschka was never signed to DG but only had one release with Hilary Hahn there.

    Sad you judge labels so arragantly without knowing what you are talking about.

    • Mr Almeida
      Your suggestion is offensive and defamatory. Universal Music never pays for any post on Slipped Disc.
      As for Hauschka, I have seen him promoted as a Universal artists at Bristol Proms and elsewhere. Get your facts straight.

      • Facts right? You said he switched from DG to Sony. Even he was promoted as Universal Music artist that is a complete different story as being actually signed by a label as he is now by Sony. Use google and you find an official signing announcement. Your level of journalistic research is very poor.
        And than you judge signing to Sony Classical is a bad thing. Hmm…might have to do with heavy Decca and DG banners on your side?
        For 2019: just try to be a better journalist and less a PR guy for others.

        • You are freely using a site that is partly sustained by advertising from Decca, DG, Warner and many other organisations. That makes you as complicit as I am. Now grow up.

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