Miriam leaves $10 million to music teaching

Miriam leaves $10 million to music teaching


norman lebrecht

December 08, 2018

It has become apparent that, of the $12 million left to Ventura College at her death by Miriam Schwab, $10 million has been designated to improving instrumental teaching at the Southern California college.

Miriam’s late husband, Henry Schwab, was a concert violinist and she was herself a capable player.

Miriam died a year ago, aged 89.





  • drummerman says:

    A tremendous gift but one wonders why she wanted it to go to a 2 year public community college?

    • Tiredofitall says:

      Perhaps she knew that less would go toward extraneous overhead expenses? Paying for excellent non-celebrity teachers at a community college is a lot more cost-effective than a roster of “stars” at a name brand conservatory who may or may not teach well. The proof is in the product. The issue of available jobs, well…

      • Luigi Nonono says:

        Students at a school like this will get the lower-level jobs like teaching, where they can make a real difference.

  • Rich Patina says:

    Wonderful! Now they can prepare even more unsuspecting students for jobs that don’t exist.

  • Terence says:

    $12 million is a lot for a concert violinist and partner to have accumulated. I wonder if they are connected to the brokerage firm Charles Schwab?

    Regardless, I’m surprised she left it to just one community college. I hope they can be trusted to use it as she wished.

  • Barbara says:

    What a generous person. Although, I am quite astonished at somebody having quite so much money to leave. It seems an awful lot, but great that a local college is going to benefit.