Exclusive tummy shots of Dudamel conducting

This is dress rehearsal footage of Gustavo Dudamel preparing for his Met debut this week in Otello.

As he heats up, his shirt loses traction with his trousers.

Good to see some passion in that pit.


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  • You might notice with this Hollywood pop culture arm
    waver the noise level changes little while the arm waver
    gets himself into a frenzy .Eye candy for the masses .

    • I’ve played under him. While I wouldn’t quite put him in my top 10 over my 30+ years in a major orchestra, I do have a great deal of respect for him. He is by no means a fraud; far from it. He is skilled and musical, an appealing individual who attracts people to classical music who otherwise might not have us on their radar. I am mystified as to why some might regard this as a bad thing.

      • Maybe because many people overreact at the thought that his fame and hype are disproportionate to his musical talent. The latter seems backed up by your informed assessment, which you reasonably put into perspective.

      • A very generous and fair assessment. He is a good conductor, but not a great. That is nevertheless, very talented indeed.

  • A true master of the 4-beat pattern. And the syllables he emits are almost linked to the Italian libretto. Never mind, enthusiasm is everything! 😉

  • much worse mishap was Nelsons conducting Mahler 2 in a short jacket and low trousers; in America I think they call it plumber’s crack…..

  • I’m a musician who’s worked with a lot of conductors, so I’ve seen this a lot. It’s just a thing that happens. It’s not unusual.

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