Leeds winner gets New York agent

Leeds winner gets New York agent


norman lebrecht

December 12, 2018

Columbia Artists have signed the 2018 Leeds winner Eric Lu for North America representation.

Massachusetts born, Eric studied at New England Conservatory and is now at Curtis.

AskonasHolt manage him worldwide as part of the winner’s prize.



  • Prisca Lettiere says:

    Hardly a feast for the eyes, especially in a full size poster. He looks a bit like Eccles from the 1960s Telegoons. Would be OK on a CD booklet if reduced to postage stamp size.

    But then, it’s only about the music, as Khatia would say.

    • Fliszt says:

      Oh yeah? Have you seen yourself in a mirror lately?

    • Elektromusic2000 says:

      Your comment i so sad, but it is even more sad that non-musical aspects have become often more important than the music. This is imposed by a society that cannot abstract from the visual, that needs the visual entertainment, that cannot listen to a CD of a Mahler Symphony but loves seeing videos of Dudamel on YouTube; and promoters and managers just go to whatever is easier to seell to these persons. These days conductors have to be young, handsome, energetic, must look great on the photo… they must entertain with their movements (often with no real impact on the music), with their looks on the podium. Soloist have to be young, sexy, and in the case of females it is essential they look great in a short dress. Older and less attractive conductors and soloists [even if more musical and skilled!] are overlooked, and often denied any opportunities.

      We are living in terrible times. Terrible indeed.

    • Bruce says:

      Maybe if he wore tiny dresses and spike heels…

    • Jealous says:

      Did you lose to him in a competition? Or just being shallow and stupid?

  • NEC Alum says:

    New England Conservatory Preparatory School, then Curtis

  • esfir says:

    And what Eric Lu can bring to the music world? Not much-even less than Khatia.