A Facebook page for a violinist’s right shoulder

See here.

Whatever next?

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  • (Sigh) Yes, indeed, what’s next, but do we actually want to know what’s next?

    Erica Morini probably never realized how lucky she was to have had her career when she did.

  • Well, it’s certainly quirky but since she is, imho, one of the very finest musicians before the public today, I’m prepared to indulge her. I did wonder if perhaps her right shoulder has been at the root of so many cancelled performances. Obviously, if Ms. Jansen has health issues then it’s really none of my business and I can only wish her well on her recovery.

    • The use of Ms Jansen’s photo is the extent of her connection with this page. It is not her doing. That is rather obvious if one looks at it, though it would have been nice if NL had made it clear in his rather pointless post, assuming he realized so.

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