Misery in Finland as Panula witholds 1st prize

The international competition founded by the famed conducting teacher has ended with a no-win situation.

The first prize was withheld by a Panula-chaired jury.

The second prize was divided betweenn Johannes Zahn (Germany) and Angus Webster (UK). The third prize was shared by Ross Jamie Collins (Finland/UK) and Kaapo Ijas (Finland).

The orchestra’s favourite was Angus Webster.

Here are the finalists looking miserable.

But credit to the jury for their courage.


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  • If you enter a competition the result is decided from those who turned up and competed, some years may be better than others but you DO NOT withhold a first prize. Alternatively, if they were being compared to an eminent conductor then we should be told who that person is. This is a farce!

    • When you establish a competition, you can set up the rules the way you want. Other competitions may choose differently.

      I do agree that if the competition’s rules allow them to not award the top prize, a potential competitor should be able to find this out before applying.

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