Breaking: Chicago settles Lyric strike

Breaking: Chicago settles Lyric strike


norman lebrecht

October 14, 2018

This came through overnight:

CHICAGO (10/13/2018) – Lyric Opera of Chicago and the Chicago Federation of Musicians Local #10-208 (CFM) announced today that they have reached a multi-year labor agreement extending through the 2020/21 season. The Agreement is subject to the ratification of CFM members. Details are not being released to the public at this time.

The musicians are saying nothing. We’ll have more for you later.

The strike lasted all of four days before someone blinked.

UPDATE: We understand the musicians will hold a vote today on ratifying the deal (or perhaps not).


  • anon says:

    4 days of posturing and seeing who can post the most comments on Slippedisc.

    NL should send both parties his bill for services rendered as mediator.