Lang Lang engaged?

That’s the whisper in the New York Post’s Page 6.

The reported fianceé is Gina Redlinger.

She’s a pianist.

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  • Horowitz, ,Kissin. People get married when they find their soul mate.

    Personally, I think Lang Lang and Yuja Wang would make an explosive power couple. Imagine their double concertos on stage! Imagine their coordinated outfits, she in Gaultier, he in Versace. Imagine the ticket prices! Imagine their progeny! And if Lang Lang is a modern man, he can take his wife’s surname and become Lang Lang Wang.

    • Playing any “less mechanically” than Lang Lang usually does would make any piece even more totally unrecognizable.

  • Fake news, designed to divert from his predilections and add to her name recognition. She plays quite well, anyway !

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