Strike at Chicago Lyric Opera – first video

The musicians walked out in the past half-hour.

Here’s the first union picket of the Lyric.

It’s going to the mattresses.

(c) Slipped Disc

And the first video:


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  • Beautiful? It ends beautifully, I guess. Overall it’s decent enough, but there’s little feel of ensemble – it’s four people heads down, playing their part with the others, but not as a group. The edges are rough, the intonation hardly top-notch. I’d donate to this high quality of busker, sure, and be delighted to hear them; but would I hear this and think these guys are so great they are worth a couple of hundred $k a year? Each?

    • Good Christ, Anon. What, do you really think they spent lots of time rehearsing this? That this is some happy occasion to play music under the best of conditions and with clear heads? They are clearly sight reading because, I don’t know, maybe that have something more pressing to attend to like a #$@$ strike. Pull your head of of your @#$ and stop being a worthless critic. No one likes you, respects you, or cares for your opinion. Yes, these guys are great and deserve what they are fighting for.

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