Kushnir steers Spivakov prize to his pupil

Kushnir steers Spivakov prize to his pupil


norman lebrecht

September 21, 2018

The winner of the Vladimir Spivakov international competition is Ufa is María Dueñas, 15, a Spanish pupil of the influential Boris Kushnir, who sat on a jury of six. Another jury member was Kushnir’s student, Sergey Dogadin.

The result was said to be unanimous.

Kushnir wins again.



  • Nigel Goldberg says:

    Probably well deserved, she’s a wonderful player.


  • Bill says:

    A unanimous decision, and Kuschnir and his sidekick Dogadin are only 2 of 6 members of the jury. How do we know that any arm-twisting was required?

    • Tigerdad says:

      No, obviously not. Because many people don’t even apply when they see certain names on the jury panel…she is playing well though

  • Greg Lener says:

    This kind of event with jury’s students should not be called competition.