UPDATE: Leading US Conservatory fires its resident quartet

UPDATE: Leading US Conservatory fires its resident quartet


norman lebrecht

June 26, 2018

It seems we only had half the story last night when we reported the departure of the newest member of the Cavani Quartet.

If that was not bad enough, the Cleveland Institute of Music has told students that it was getting rid of the quartet after 30 years of residency.

Read their message below.

Some online reactions:

RIP Cleveland Institute of Music

What a detrimental loss to a place I truly loved

Love you Cavani String Quartet


I feel sick to my stomach, hearing the news that my Alma mater, theCleveland Institute of Music has decided not to renew the contract of the Cavani string quartet. I consider the members of that quartet to be some ofthe most important musical mentors of my life, and everywhere I go, it seems to be accepted fact in the chamber music world that the Cavani quartet is top notch in performance and musical education alike. Can’t imagine what lead CIM to this decision, but it will be a much poorer institution as a result.


Seriously, Cleveland Institute of Music??
I don’t talk about this much publicly, but in all honesty my experience at CIM was not the greatest – however, the Cavani String Quartet was one of the few things I absolutely LOVED about the school and they definitely were a big part of the reason I continued with music when I went through very difficult moments in my life.
What are you doing.


  • Zalman says:

    Well, no doubt they will be replaced by another string quartet, but the total domination of the world of chamber music by string quartets must end. Why not a wind quintet, or a mixed ensemble? There are too many string quartets already. Or at least a string quintet, so the bass isn’t left out.

    • Some guy says:

      As if it needs to be either/or? String quartets are around for good reason, nothing is stopping wind quintets or other ensembles from forming and performing at the highest level.